BOSA 10-60 TL

Charcoal furnace of retort type. Consists of two pyrolysis blocks, each of which includes five permanently established retorts.

Advantages of this furnace


In more details about the furnace

BOSA 10-60 TL-furnace charcoal installation of retort type.

Consists of two pyrolysis blocks, each of which includes five permanently established retorts.


Each retort has the unloading cut also the loading hatch closed by a cover. Two pyrolysis blocks connect among themselves to one building and form a fire chamber for 10 retorts.

Loading of raw materials occurrings with shift in time, for ensuring continuous operation of the furnace.

Loading of retorts occurrings by means of two conveyors.

After filling of a retort with raw materials, the retort is closed by a cover for further work.

Unloading of hot coal occurrings in special boxes - extinguishers. After unloading it is possible to load a new consignment of raw materials into a retort at once.

After cooling, coal is unloaded for further stabilization (filling by oxygen) for term - not less than three days.

For ensuring operation of the furnace on raw materials with high percent of humidity the furnace is completed with installation of preliminary drying.

Preliminary drying works at the expense of the combustion gases fulfilled in the furnace. It is possible to install up to 12 containers with raw materials for drying.

The furnace has an automatic control system which controls temperature in the furnace, operating the corresponding gates, turns of smoke exhausters and a cover of an emergency chimney.


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Technical specifications


* - the value of parameter depends on season, humidity of raw materials.


** - the value of parameter depends on humidity, breed and fraction of raw materials.

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