BOSA TECH is dynamically developing production project. The basis of our project – young purposeful collective which main objective to do everything possible to make it simple, conveniently and attractive for you to work with us.




Our project carries out production and trade activity in the market of the equipment for coal burning out, provides to the client a capability of receiving the equipment where it is necessary and when it is necessary.


We seek for effective activity at all stages of creation of a product - from delivery of accessories and materials, for installation sale to the end user.


The mission "BOSA TECH" - to be the world's best manufacturing project of the charcoal equipment focused on ready furnaces and installations. We seek to provide income to the investors, creating capabilities for growth and prosperity to the employees, business partners and society in those regions where we and where our installations work work. And in all that we do, we are guided by three principles - honesty, the sequence and justice. The decision on design and production of a certain kind of the equipment is accepted by us only with the corresponding professional skills, experience and readiness to offer the market a quality product.


Our project is aimed at continuous development that the equipment conformed to requirements of the market, to inquiries of consumers and qualitatively surpassed analogs in the market. The project is a participant of the market relations, assuming all norms and rules corresponding to a concept of modern civilized business relations.



"BOSA TECH" see the responsibility in constantly to improve those spheres of life where we work - timber-chemical, ecological, economic - that tomorrow was better than today's.

Our vision - to be focused on reasonable use of resources of the environment, on the actions bringing benefit, to both timber-chemical community, and all society in general and also on the obligation for increase in income of shareholders that will allow to make "BOSA TECH" genuinely stable and steady project.


   Constant aspiration to improvement and innovations, accurate vision of the purpose and the mission of the project and also respect for the principles of effective production and civilized trade allow us to achieve every day more and more good results. Our collective - group of the experts in love with the business. We are always open to constructive dialogue with our partners, are ready to consider interesting offers and wishes and to manufacture the equipment under specific requirements of the customer.



"BOSA TECH" - a Ukrainian production project specializing in the development of eco-friendly retort industrial carbon-burning furnaces of a new model for enterprises specializing in large and more cost-effective volumes of charcoal production - from 100 tons and above.. The basis of our business is a purposeful group of the experts having wide experience of work in this sphere. Quality of an item and professional cooperation priority for us.


Shipuk Boris and his son Oleg our chief technologists. They are known for the high-quality developments of various scales: from construction of small charcoal "SYNERGY" installations (the market of the CIS) before designing of medium-tonnage charcoal retorts of the patent ModEco series (more than 20 installations in the world market), turning into charcoal various types of raw materials (from big fraction to small, considering shells).


On the website you will find the following models: BOSA 6-100 FL, BOSA 6-150 FL. These charcoal furnaces which are specially developed by progressive scientists for BOSA TECH.


Our project is ready and to turn further into reality the inventions of leading experts in forest chemical industry!


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Address: Metalistiv Street, building 16, Kyiv, Ukraine