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"BOSA CHAR TECHNOLOGIES" - the Ukrainian production company specializing in development of eco-friendly retort furnaces of a new sample. The basis of our business is a purposeful group of the experts having wide experience of work in this sphere. Quality of an item and professional cooperation – the main priority for us.


Shipuk Boris  and his son Oleg our chief technologists. They are known for the high-quality developments of various scales: from construction of small unary charcoal "SYNERGY" installations (the market of the CIS) before designing of medium-tonnage charcoal retorts of the patent ModEco series (more than 20 installations in the world market), turning into charcoal various types of raw materials (from big fraction to small, including shells).


On the website you will find the following models: BOSA 5-30 TL, BOSA 10-60 TL, BOSA 4-80 FL, BOSA 6-120 FL. These charcoal furnaces are specially formulated these progressive scientists for BOSA CHAR TECHNOLOGIES LLC.


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Address: Metalistiv Street, building 16, Kyiv, Ukraine