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We implement advanced technologies in our furnaces, we use the best materials, own software that you could get the best experience in work with our furnaces!

Technologies of pyrolysis of wood exist in the world for a long time and are very various. However, time goes also the majority of technologies which were used 50 years ago completely became outdated and do not meet all modern norms and the requirements.

Time demands new, more perfect installations for wood pyrolysis!

During creation of the equipment we adhered to the following principles:

All technological process has to be environmentally friendly!


Energy efficiency.

Heat generated when burning products

thermal disintegration of raw materials it has to be used for a covering of requirements of process of burning out of coal.


High power of installations is from 81 to 160 tons.


Use of high-quality materials and accessories which guarantee installation work not less than 10 years.


To exclude emission of products of disintegration of wood in the environment.


Preliminary drying of raw materials, at the expense of the fulfilled heat carrier.


System of automation of management. Any manual modes.


Full cycle of work! We implement a system which works practically without participation of the employees. The cycle of work begins with drying of wood and comes to end with already finished coal

In more detail about technology, advantages and furnaces you can search on the page of furnaces!

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